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Hinduism: A Beginner's Guide

Author : Klaus K. Klostermaier

About Author :

Klaus K. Klostermaier is University Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Religion at the University of Manitoba, Canada. He is a prominent scholar on Hinduism and Indian history and culture. He obtained a Phd in philosophy from the Gregorian University in Rome in 1961, and another in "Ancient Indian . He is the author of 53 works in seven languages listed at world Cat.

About Book :

Explaining the origins, beliefs, scriptures and philosophies of this ancient religion, Klaus K. Klostermaier succeeds in capturing the rich diversity of rituals and gods that comprise Hinduism, while keeping the tone both engaging and informative. Covering contemporary issues such as the relationship between Hinduism and modern Western ideas, and imminent challenges the religion faces, this sweeping exploration of a fascinating and long-lasting belief system is essential reading for students, followers, and interested readers alike.