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Horoscope without correct birth timing through palmistry & thumb impression

About the Expert :

Sushil Kumar Singh is a renowned astrologer who is famous for his accurate predictions for various important events in recent world history. Given his reputation, he has won international acclaim as a Vedic Astrologer. With over two decades of experience, his predictions have changed the fate for many celebrities and movie stars. He has not only guided them onto the right path but also change their destiny. With his thorough expertise, he can solve any problem related to business, career, family, money, education etc. in an individual’s life. He not only predicts his client’s future but also counsels them with Vedic astrology techniques.

Over the years, he has served as an expert columnist to many national as well as international newspapers and magazines, especially The Times of India. With minimum personal details such as DOB, TOB & POB, he can predict everything from your past, present & future life. His astrological services include Life Reading, Career Report, Detailed Kundali Matching, Match Making, Health Report, Business Report, Finance Report, Love Chemistry Report and more. Astrologer Sushil Kumar Singh specializes in Love and Relationship Astrology, Political Astrology, Career Astrology and Business, and Money Astrology. He has done immense research on man-woman relationship. His work on divorce, separation and timing of marriage has been appreciated by all. His method of rectification of birth time including astro-palmistry is also rare.