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Kaal Bhairav Pooja

Bhairav, also called Kaal Barirav, is also one of the forms of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva created him from his nail. Kaal Bhairav’s vehicle or vahan is a black dog. He is so easily pleased and blesses his devotees with wealth, health and prosperity. Usually, the devotees carry sacred materials including Coconut, Flowers, Sindoor, Mustard oil, black sesame etc to please Kaal Bhairav. Shakti Peeths are the sacred spots where the divine energy of the Mother Form is installed. It is believed that Kaal Bhairav guards these sites. Therefore, Kaal Bhairav is also called Bhatuk Bhairav.

Benefits of Kaal Bhairav Pooja

If you have been gripped with such a problem, which seems impossible to resolve, Bhairav is there to solve your problems. Bhairav Mantra is recited for 1.25 lakh times and other Pujan etc is done to complete the entire process of worship in a Shastra-samvat way.