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Katyayani Puja

Marriage is a beautiful union between two people. But if this union is not a happy one, it can turn one’s life upside down, i.e. make it very difficult.However, if the couple is already married and facing troubles due to the dosha’s in the horoscope.Ma Katyayani’s Puja Commonly under such circumstance where there is more than one dosha in the horoscope, the best solution is Ma Katyayani Puja.Ma Katyayani’s Puja can be performed between the 1st and the 9th day of any month or it can be performed on any Friday of the month.

Benefits of Maa Katyayani’s Puja

Maa Katyayani’s Puja is performed to seek protection from all emotional, physical and and relationship stress. This puja shields one from all negativity, boosting one’s relations. it helps a great deal if the doshas are found much before one plans to get married. If found, timely solution, i.e. performing Shanti puja for the malefic planet can be conducted and the issue can be resolved.