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Krishna Kunji (Krishna Key)

Author : Ashwin Sanghi

About Author :

Ashwin Sanghi is a famous contemporary Indian author. His books are a compendium of subjects like history, theology and mythology, which offer a profound philosophical experience. Ashwin completed B. A. in Economics at St. Xavier's College and MBA at the Yale School of Management. He has been regarded as the Dan Brown of India. Ashwin has authored three best sellers - The Rozabal Line, Chanakya's Chant and The Krishna Key, which have all been critically acclaimed and widely read by fiction aficionados.

About Book :

The Krishna Key promises an unput downable thrilling read, as it involves mystery, history, mythology and philosophy. The protagonist Ravi Saini is a Historian, who has the massive responsibility of stopping injustice being served. Ravi embarks upon a journey from the ruins and remains of Dwarka - the sacred city - to Somnath, Mount Kailash, Kalibangan and Vrindavan temple, to find Lord Krishna’s prized possession, which could divulge his invaluable and astonishing legacy to mankind. A legacy which can stop an impending act of heinous injustice that is about to occur. Would Ravi Saini’s be successful? What is the treasure that was left behind to the mankind by Krishna, arguably the most intriguing Indian mythological character.