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Kundalini: Aghora

Author : Kundalini

About Author :

Robert E. Svoboda was born in the year 1953 in Texas, USA. Svoboda finished his undergraduate studies from the University of Oklahoma in the year 1972 with a B.S. degree. His minor was in French and major was in Chemistry. Afterwards, he visited India and in the year 1980, he passed from Pune University with a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS).In this process, he obtained the title Ayurvedacharya. Svoboda is a very reputed ayurvedic doctor. He is a popular writer too. He gets invited to impart speeches and conduct courses throughout the world. Apart from this book, the author is famous for authoring and co-authoring many other books, some of which are Tao and Dharma: Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, Light on Life: An Introduction to the Astrology of India, and Ayurveda for Women: A Guide to Vitality and Health.

About Book :

Goddess Kundalini is a grand manifestation of Goddess Tara. This book is the consequence of the great Path of Devotion to Great Kundalini. This book has been indicated as ‘super tantra’ in this specific volume. Goddess Kundalini is a grand manifestation of Goddess Tara.The path is so devastating that it can easily demolish the earthly and humanly boundaries of the followers and can give the followers an identity of a superlative level. Kundalini : Aghora is a book on religion and spirituality by Robert E. Svoboda. It narrates the extreme path in which an individual can obtain the identity of a superhuman, or a deity.