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Life and Karma Reading by Seema

Seema is a gifted Tarot Card Reader. She started her professional journey in 2010, when she began to observe the larger picture of life. After learning Tarot Cards at Satyamani, she realized the true power of Tarot Cards and found that Tarot is a universal tool for communicating personal predictions and decoding profound mysteries of life. 
Since then, she actively interacts with people from all over the world and helps them find answers for their problems through her Mystical Tarot Card Spread.
The special Tarot Spread that she uses brings insightful details about an individual’s past, present and future. She is exceptionally good in making accurate predictions regarding Career, Love, Pregnancy and Child. Seema has published various articles in leading Indian Newspapers and had conducted numerous seminars on Life, Energy and Tarot Reading.
Seema combines various sciences for Tarot Reading and personally studies an individual’s cards to drive accurate readings. She finds out the root cause of a problem and prepares guidelines accordingly. The Tarot Card Reading sessions and instructions given by her, empowers people to regain their confidence and interest in life. She intuitively connects with ease with her clients and offers valuable guidance. Her testimonials alone speak for themselves. 
Seema is also an ace alternative healing therapist and provides consultation & counseling on restructuring of life and ways to transform it. Seema has inspired many lives from daily routine, to corporate to business. She has taught her patrons some special techniques to overcome their obstacles and fears through Tarot Reading.
She could be of great help as a personal life coach, and can help you in the following situations: 
General: Overview readings without any specific questions 
Love: Single Dating, Compatibility, Marriage, Betrayal, Divorce, Past Life & Soul Mate Reading
Family:  Pregnancy, marital issues, children
Career: School, College, Promotions, Achievement, Career Path
Finance:  Money, Business, Investments, Projects and Contracts
Women: Female focused issues, health, survivors of abuse, feminism and feminine based spirituality