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Marriage Compatibility Report with ancient & modern technique by Sushil

Sushil Kumar Singh is a renowned astrologer who is famous for his accurate predictions for various important events in recent world history. Given his reputation, he has won international acclaim as a Vedic Astrologer. With over two decades of experience, his predictions have changed the fate for many celebrities and movie stars. He has not only guided them onto the right path but also change their destiny. 


With his thorough expertise, he can solve any problem related to business, career, family, money, education etc. in an individual’s life. He not only predicts his client’s future but also counsels them with Vedic astrology techniques.  Over the years, he has served as an expert columnist to many national as well as international newspapers and magazines, especially The Times of India. With minimum personal details such as DOB, TOB & POB, he can predict everything from your past, present & future life.

 As a rare gem in the field of astrology, Sushil Singh stays abreast of the latest technology and gadgets that helps him gain better results for his predictions and widen his reach to his audiences far and wide. He integrates modern scientific knowledge like aura scanning with that of ancient writings in his practice. He specializes in the field of gemology as well. As a man of immense knowledge, he believes astrology to be a tool for self-development that helps his clients realize their inner most desires and find bliss. His predictions are based on the Strength of the planets, their Degrees, Dasa Bukthi, Conjunctions, Doshas and Yogas.