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Match Making Analysis by Ashok Vasudev

Ashok Kumar Vasudeva born and brought up in an illustrious family of astrologers preaching this science and art of life for the last seven generations, Ashok Vasudeva hails from the Una district of Himachal Pradesh, the land of Gods.
He is a consulting astrologer to many industrial houses related to automobile, watches, consumer products, garments, real estate, finance etc. Corporate astrology, which he professes to these industrial tycoons, is an absolutely innovative concept in astrology with amazing success. 
He firmly believes in astrology as a guiding science not as a predictive science. A good astrologer can guide the native for better and prosperous life as Lord Krishna guided Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. He is a regular student of spiritualism under the guidance of monks of Ram Krishna Paramhans Mission order. 
He is a Dikshit (enlightened and initiated) disciple of Maa Kali under their revered guidance. He is well versed in various occult sciences and meditation. As a devoted student of yoga, he propagates Patanjali Yoga as the soul of Indian culture.
He used to write his research findings and putting into typewritten form remained his everyday task. It would be safely said that he became more absorbed in writing, conducting seminars, workshops, holding lectures, participating in various TV channels etc. Hundreds of Thousands of pages have been written till date, which will find place in Astromatics in future issues.
J. R. Vedic Educational Trust, of which he is the Chairman, is actively engaged in eradicating illiteracy, other social and cultural stigma and establishing social justice and harmony in the society through scientific vision and rational approach as an application tools.