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Matchmaking Compatibility Report by Acharya Nanak Dhawan

Acharya Nanak Dhawan is a widely known name in Astrology.He has started Astrology in his early days and completed his Masters Degree in Mathematics. 
He is in the Astrology field for more than one decade during this period Acharya ji helped so many people with his prediction and remedies when in life people not able to take decision in there life Acharya ji showed path to them and guide them according to the position of planets, his client got benefit in country as well as outside the country. 
His only aim is to help people in different areas like career,love,matchmaking,marriage,business,education and health by the tools of Astrology. His clients got benefited many times by his predictions and suggestions. 
Acharya ji think that people should know about this ancient science so that they can lead a happy and prosperous life. one can never change any event of life but yes he can show the path to you so that you can go ahead smoothly in your life. prior knowledge of upcoming events of life makes a person aware to tackle them with best of his /her affords and with the advice of an astrologer. 
Acharya Nanak Dhawan is a strong believer of hora chart (prashan kundli)and omen(shakun)which he applies in his Astrology and guide people in their day to day work and life .He provides best remedies according to personal horoscope of each person and resolve their problematic issues.