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Name Correction Report by Sanjay B Jumani

About the Expert : 
Sanjay B Jumaani, he is on Television, News papers and Magazines. He even writes a weekly column for the leading Hindi & English newspapers of India, The Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar, leading Bengali Newspaper, Ananda Bazaar Patrika, a monthly column with a US based Magazine, Tathaastu and a live radio program on Dubai and another with MY FM for all their 17 stations.
He even hosts a weekly show on Numerology, 'Jumaani Kii Zubaani' on News 24.
He has made predicting and enhancing people's future through numerology his profession. In India he is known for prophesizing the future of the country and beyond, the politicians, the films, the game of cricket, and events that rock the world. He has politicians, business honchos, the reigning and not upcoming wannaby stars from bollywood, television the sportstars, and more than half of the Indian cricketers weaing their lucky Numbers. 
And of course the common man...all queuing up to obtain their 
success formula. Yes, that's what Sanjay trades in - the potent success
formula. He sells you your lucky numbers and if needed spells out to you
your name the way it should be to bring you luck and not the way your 
parents had spelt it out for you!
Unbelievable as  it may seem but the Jumaani effect is showing at the RTO and the passport offices too. People flock asking for specific numbers plates fortheir cars.   People flock to apply for a new passport with their name spelt differently. The obstetricians in India are faced with a strange requests from expectant mothers - Can you please do a caesarean on the 30th please instead of the 31st? You see that is the lucky day and time for my baby ! Wow!!
Now isn't that some REQUEST?!!!