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Need a Quick Solution? Ask Chandresh Sharmaa

An Ex IT Professional a Present Numerologist & Vastu Consultant 
Chandresh Sharma belongs to a Brahmin family and hails from a village in Greater Noida. Born on August 1, he completed his schooling from DPS, Noida and studied Information Technology, and worked with IBM. 
He was enamoured with the science of numerology after he visited a numerologist. Such was his fascination that his quit his job and started practicing astro-numerology and Vastu as a full time career. 
Like other people he also visited a Numerologist and was amazed with the science. Numerology fascinated him so much that he decided to quit his IT Job & started practicing astro-Numerology & Vastu for good. On his site visits for Vastu consultations, his clients were deeply moved and impressed with his accurate suggestions and result-oriented approach. With his dedication and knowledge, today he is a name to reckon with in the sphere of astrology, numerology and Vastu. 
Over the years, Chandresh Sharmaa has mastered the art of occult sciences such as Dowsing, Reiki healing, Pyramidology and crystal therapy. 
Since then by the blessings of his mentors and parents, he has been working on every domain of life with the mission to deliver the benefits of this thousand-year old science to his clients. Chandresh Sharmaa regularly writes articles with the aim of creating awareness among the people that we can easily overcome our weaknesses and grow in every aspect of our life by the blessings of Nature. He can be consulted Personally, Online or over telephone.