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Nyayadarshan (English and Hindi Edition)

Author : Ambika Dutt Sharma

About Author :

Dr Ambika Datta Sharma is at present Professor of Philosophy in the Dr. H.S. Gour Central University, Sagar (MP). He has to his credit numerous research papers in the leading journals of philosophy which cover his wide range of scholarship. The major publications of Professor Sharma include Bauddha Pramana Darshana, Bharatiya Darshana mein Prapyakaritvavada, Nyaya Darshana, Vedanta Darshana ke Ayam, In Defence of Metaphysics and Bharatiyata ke Samasik Arth Sandarbha. Apart from above he has edited four major volumes entitled Samekita Darshanika Vimarsha, Samekita Advaita Vimarsha, Bharatiya Darshana ke 50 Varsha and Samekita Pashchatya Darshana Samiksha under Svatantrayottara Darshanika Prakarana series. He is the recipient of UGC research award (2006) and Naresh Mehta Smriti Vangmaya Samman (2007) for his valuable contributions to Philosophy, Culture and Civilization. He is also the editor of Unmilan and General Secretary, All India Philosophy Association.

About Book :

"In Indian tradition, the Nyayashastra has been stated to be the central organ of perception and for the matter of that it stands out as the model of righteousness and chief stay of the ideas. It would not be out of place to remark that Nyaya, as a coherent branch of philosophy, has provided meaning, structure and form to the Indian thought process much in the same way as Aristotle has canonized Western speculation around an organized philosophic principle. Since its inception in Gautama and till Gangeshopadhyaya and even otherwise beyond, the Nyayashastra has precisely retained its hold over speculation and intellectional conditions by bringing Sutra, Bhasya, Vritti and Prakarana to the contemplation of reason.His Nyaya-Darshana, originally written in Bangla, whose Hindi rendering on Lakshanasutra of Nyaya-Darshana has been produced in this volume, is one of the brilliant tets illustrating Nyaya-Darshana in a formulaic manner.