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Organic Sticks Tender Sandal Big Pack of 12 (720 Sticks)

Cow dung Dhoop Sticks Pack Of 12 (Tender Sandal)

Since ancient times Cow or Gomata is prayered as Lord in Hindusim. Big Events like Guruha Pravesha and ll everyone get in to their Home along With Gomata.Cow dung, also known as cow pats, cow pies or cow manure, is the waste product of bovine animal species.

Cow dung is the undigested residue of plant matter which has passed through the animal's gut. The resultant faecal matter is rich in minerals. Color ranges from greenish to blackish, often darkening soon after exposure to air.

It is believed that every Tuesday and Saturday keeping dhop in Home will give Postive energy.

Agarbathi Incense Sticks are made from desi cow dung and natural flavors. This Pack contains pack of Sandal Flavor

Note : 50 % amount of the order will be used For Goshala.

Order will be delivered within 7 working days.