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Possibility of Divorce or Separation

Nikhil is known for his worldwide popularity in the field of astrology. He has already got maximum visibility on internet as compared to any other astrologer in the world w.r.t various occult subjects namely Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu, Face Reading, Handwriting reading and Dream Reading. Nikhil is already rated in world's top Astrologers and is considered as the most sought after Astrologer on social networking sites with a huge following. His uniquely written researches especially on Vedic Astrology, have got maximum readership as compared any other Astrologer on Internet.  More than 50 lakh (5 million or 50,00000) people reads his researches on internet annually.
Nikhil also controls the largest discussion platforms on whole internet on the topics like, Palmistry, dream Reading, face Reading, Numerology and Handwriting Reading on facebook. The collective memberships of all his platforms is already above 1,50,000 unique people.
In other words, Nikhil has clearly singlehandedly placed all of Ancient India’s occult subjects on global platforms. His reach can be estimated from the fact that many Hollywood stars, Bollywood stars, Politicians, Royals of many countries etc holds the permanent membership of his network on Internet.
Nikhil's research on including the concepts of Geometry within the scope and application of Astrological tools is a constructive step towards the development of rational scientific thinking as a whole. His work on determining the time of conception astrologically has the potential to refine the results of existing methods like Naegele’s Rule. He has lately merged the concepts of Astrology with Numerology and developed 3 numerology methods (Time method, Number method and year Method) which provide predictions that are more logical and accurate. He has also dived into the unexplored areas of Astrology, through his researches on How to see the next birth-Astrologically, Correct usage of Shatyamsa chart (D-60) as well as Moola dasha and hence he has already made a significant contribution to Indian Astrology.