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Rahu Dosh Nivarana Puja

Shri Rahu Dev is considered to be a cause for anyone’s good position, business, status, faithfulness and also winning over opposition. If you are planning to travel overseas, then your Rahu needs to be extremely strong. With some powerful mantra, your services can always get the best strength from within. It is mostly believed that by performing Milk Abishekam, mainly during Rahu kalam, any problem can be solved in no time.

Benefits of Rahu Dosh Nivarana Puja

Rahu is mainly known for destroying your problems, as related to late marriage. It is the finest tune for those childless couples, who are looking forward to be blessed with a little life. If you are facing trouble with married life and want to get rid of ill effects of Kalasarpa, this procedure can always act in your favor. Get rid of Kalasthra Dhosha and even Sarpa Dhosha, which can now be cured from the core, Thanks to Shri Rahu Dev for it now.

How does it works

1. Once we receive your order request, within 48 hours we arrange the Puja and only then send you a confirmation email with all required details. This email contains details such as time, venue and date (as per Indian Standard Time)of the puja to be conducted for you. This email will also contain the instructions such as rituals/mantras to be chanted when the puja takes place.

2. We also provide you with a link for the live telecast of the Puja.

3. On the given day and time, you can click on the above given link and view the puja online. Once the puja is completed, it will be stored. So if you wish to view the Puja at any point of time, you will be able to do so.