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Remedies for Child Related Problems by Deepa V Bhambhani

Deepa V Bhambhani is a leading Vedic Astrologer and Vastu Expert of India. Her scientifically structured analysis of Kundalis and simple remedies has won her many accolades in the field. She has been the prominent exponent of Vedic and intuitive reading of horoscopes with pinpointed accuracy. As a Vedic Astrologer, she is very spiritually inclined and devises new methodologies which help in reaching reasonable solutions for clients in Astro world. Her correct predictions have rightly led to higher clientele from even foreign lands. She is Masters in Psychology and more so in children psychology. She has dealt with problems of children and their education, critical sicknesses which began at an early age and other children related problems with greater accuracy. She successfully deals with the problems arising out of different life domains i.e. Children and their problems, Education, Career and Finance, Marriage and relationships, Litigations and court/police cases, buying of homes and other big movable and unmovable assets, prospects in foreign lands, diseases and critical sicknesses and personal and professional growth and success. 
Vastu is both an Art & Science that can help you achieve a fine balance between the activities you perform and the energies to reach your goals effectively without any demolition or major changes in your home.  
As Vastu Expert she does structured analysis of problems faced by people before going through the Maps/Layouts of premises. A Vastu visit to the site is made with watchful eyes. With scientific drawing of grids of premises (Home, plots, flats, Commercial establishments, hotels and restaurants, factories, shops and showrooms and others), she analyses the problem at micro level and then arrive at the solutions which are without any demolitions or construction based alterations. She is an authority on Home, commercial and factories Vastu. People seek her guidance before embarking on big time interiors for homes and commercial establishments. Her simple and cost effective Vastu remedies have won her many laurels.