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Srichandraji Maharaj

Author : O.P. Radhan

About Book :

Srichandraji Maharaj Baba Srichandraji (or Shri Chand) (149-1629), the elderson of GuruNanak, was the founder of ascetic sect of Udasis. Baba Srichandraji, whopropagated Vedic religion and championed to help save Hindu religion, should berecorded in the annals of Indian history in golden words. This pioneering effortto record Baba Srichandraji Maharaj's biography, miracles and preachings, givesa vivid account of contemporary socio-political history also.Sri Chand mastered the techniques of yoga at a very young age. He remained devoted to his father, Baba Nanak and established the Udasi order. He travelled far and wide and spread awareness of Guru Nanak.