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The Book of Shiva

Author : Ravi Shankar Etteth

About Author :

Ravi Shankar Etteth, professionally known by his full name, or as Ravi Shankar is an Indian author and cartoonist. He was born in Palakkad, Kerala and is a nephew of the cartoonist and author O. V. Vijayan.His first cartoon appeared in Link. He worked for Indian Express on a contract basis, and as the staff cartoonist of India Today. He became the deputy editor of India Today. He was also art director of the magazine, as well as the satellite television station owned by the magazine. In 1996, Etteth published his first book of short stories The Scream of the Dragonflies. By 2002, Etteth claimed he had retired from political cartooning for all practical purposes, and chose to describe himself as a writer and art director. He is now a columnist and the Executive Editor of The New Indian Express, based in New Delhi.

About Book :

Asananda, a monk belonging to the Order of Hope, is sent on a journey to the Himalayas by his guru to find the mystical Book of Shiva. Along the way, he meets mysterious tantrics, Vedic teachers, a bhikshu who walks backwards to discover his future, and people who seek liberation from remorse, suffering and the evil that haunts them. He becomes the instrument of the guru’s grace, which opens the door to the universal soul and transforms life through unexpected miracles. Drawing on fables and myths from Eastern and European cultures, The Book of Shiva is a spiritual novel filled with extraordinary tales of freedom, serenity, loss and, most of all, wisdom.