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The Vedas : An Introduction to Hinduisms Sacred Texts

Author : Roshen Dalal

About Author : Roshen Dalal is an Indian writer and scholar. She was born in Mussoorie and graduated from the University of Bombay. Following her graduation, she studied Ancient Indian History at the Jawaharlal Nehru University and completed her M.A. and Ph.D. therein. A scholar in religion, history and philosophy, she teaches the subjects at schools and universities, and now lives in Dehradun as a full-time writer.

About Book : Legend puts them into four parts, and claims that they were sorted thus by Krishna Dveipayana Vyasa, an act so important to Hinduism that he was renamed Veda Vyasa for it. Passed on by oral recitation, there is no original record of the Vedas, but their origin itself is set as entirely in legend and religion as their content. Considered the holy tenets of Hinduism, they are divided into the Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva, four principal parts of the entire body of mantras which form the basis of the Hindu religion. This companion introduces readers to the history behind the myths and legends, and tries to put the Vedas in a strong historical root. Explaining the situation of the country during the time that they were probably composed.

Roshen Dalal speaks with the voice of an expert in the subject and sorts centuries of information and speculation to answer questions which have been asked since time immemorial. Who wrote the Vedas? Why were they composed? Did they originate in India? She explains the possible lives people led to have brought out such a library of work, and stresses on the whole Indian nature of the body through socio-economic, archeological and linguistic research. An authoritative book, it will interest anyone desiring to know the background story of the cornerstone of Hindu faith.