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Tulsidas Sundarkaand: Triumph of Hanuman

Author : Shyam Prakash and Tulsidas

About Author :

Tulsidas was a Hindu poet, saint, philosopher and reformer. He is known for composing the epic retelling of the Ramayana entitled the Ramcharitmanas and the devotional hymn dedicated to Hanuman, the Hanuman Chalisa. Shyam Prakash is an Indian writer working with Campfire Graphic Novels. Sachin Nagar is an Indian comic book artist. He works with Campfire Graphic Novels.

About Book :

Ravana, the Demon Lord of Lanka, has kidnapped Lord Ram’s wife Sita. In his desolation, Ram comes to the vanars for help, and he befriends their leader Sugreev. Sugreev sends search parties everywhere, looking for clues to Sita’s fate. However, the path stops in front of a giant body of water: an ocean that looks as endless as the night sky on a cloudless night.

All seems lost, but there is one vanar who might be able to help Ram in his search. With his gargantuan size and divine powers, he alone will be able to leap across the seemingly infinite distance between the shore and the beaches of Lanka. He alone may be able to carry the message of hope to the destitute Sita, and he alone may be able to deliver the threat, and the definite promise, of a devastating retribution Ram will exact from her captor, Ravana. And he will return, successful, for he is the son of Vaayu, the Wind God himself. He is Hanuman, Sugreev’s advisor and Ram’s greatest devotee.