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Understanding Shiva

Author : D.k hari

About Author :

D.K.Hari hails from Kanchipuram in South India, the other ancient, silk, scholastic and spiritual city of India like Kasi, i.e. Varanasi. Born and brought up in Chennai, D.K.Hari had his schooling in Rishi Valley School, Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, then graduated in Commerce from Madras Christian College, Chennai and did his post graduation in Business Administration from P.S.G College of Technology, Coimbatore.From the days of his youth, he has been a pillar of support to his father, D.K.Srinivasan, a successful social entrepreneur, in the establishment, fund raising and management of various social service organizations, primarily in the field of healthcare and education along with other community domains, all of which shaped him to think and work for larger interests of humanity.

About Book :

Shiva has many forms, many facets and many names. Who is Shiva What is Shiva ‘Tattva’ ‘Tattva’ means a Concept. Is Shiva a person or a concept The festival of ‘Shivaratri’ is a traditionally designed occasion to understand Shiva in all His forms. This book, Understanding Shiva, is an effort at unraveling the layers of meaning of Shiva from a scientific and universal perspective.

Understanding Shiva, written by D K Hari and D K Hema Hari, was published as a paperback by the Art of Living Foundation in 2010. This book is part of a series of novels, shorts, comics, documentaries and dramas that are aimed at preserving and spreading awareness of Indian traditions and customs to the general public.