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Author : Kashinath Singh

About Book :

Upsanhar is a religious book written in Hindi and it is a good read for those with an interest in the ancient Indian religious books and epics. This book speaks about the postwar consequences of the great war of Mahabharat and tries to throw light upon the miserable state of affairs that existed after the war that was waged in good faith to bring happiness and peace to mankind.

The book mainly focuses upon the life of Lord Krishna who has been portrayed in this book as a mere human being, devoid of all his spiritual powers, who is on his death bed and is repenting and brooding over the ill-consequences of the war.

The book also provides a glimpse into the lives of the Pandavas and the rise and fall of Dwarka. This book tries to answer many unanswered questions such as, what is the real meaning of success? and does success always end with failure ultimately?, with a different and new perspective. Upsanhar was written by Kashinath Singh and published in its first edition by Rajkamal Prakashan in 2014. This book is available in hardcover.