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Why to Fear When Sai Baba is There

Author : Rk books

About Book :

This book is about the wonderful miracles, which the author has experienced in his life as a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. It promises to the readers a wonderful journey of divine romance with Shirdi Sai Baba. The readers would feel the divine presence of Baba by reading these experiences and feel connected with Him. Even a general reader, who is not a devotee, will feel the power of faith and will change his life s perspective in a positive way. Moreover, by reading the experiences and incidents mentioned in the book, the readers will be convinced that ultimately faith triumphs over pain and suffering. Faith can do wonders. It has done wonders in the past; it is doing wonders even today and shall continue to do wonders even in the future. In the war between faith and suffering, faith has always been victorious and this is the message which the author wants to give to the readers.


This book will also be an eye-opener to many a septic, blinded with a veil of materialism and obsessed with a prejudice against the reality of anything, which has not yet been stamped with the approval of modern science. The experiences as recorded in this book and the testimony of so many devotees relating to the wonderful miracles of Baba would serve to dispel ignorance and doubt and infuse faith and devotion in the mind of the readers. The book shall lift the spirit of anyone, who is in pain and who is finding it difficult to wage the battle of life. It will reaffirm his or her faith and re-instill in him or her the courage to move on.